SRC Press Release: Update on Mx Pae Matter

by Daniela Ellerbeck
13 August 2015

The following a press release by the UCT SRC:

Wednesday 05 August 2015

The University of Cape Town Student Representative Council received communiqué from the Vice Chancellor, Dr Max Price, on Saturday 01 August 2015 informing us of the advice he received from members of the Faculty of Law about the SRC decision that took place on Tuesday 21 July 2015 resulting in the immediate expulsion of Mx Zizipho Pae. Dr Price has called upon the SRC to “accept that Mx Pae is and remains an elected member of the 2014/2015 Students’ Representative Council.”

As the SRC of 2015, we would like to reaffirm our support for the queer community and further state, in the strongest of terms, our dismay and condemnation of the hurt inflicted by Mx Pae’s conduct. Mx Pae has caused immeasurable pain to members of the queer community both within the SRC and in the general UCT community. Student leaders ought to act with a level of respect and caution as they carry out duties entrusted onto them by the student populace.

We as the SRC stick to the stance that led to the expulsion of Mx Pae, we heard the comments from queer bodies and those with opposing views when deciding on this matter. Our decision was largely taken on the basis of the pain and suffering her remaining in SRC inflicts on queer students and was not based on her religious convictions. Mx Pae has since written to the VC challenging our decision. The SRC has been given no choice but to accept the instruction given by Dr Price to reinstate Mx Pae to the membership of the SRC.

We recognise that our constitution and the intervention of the VC do not permit us to carry out the demand of the queer community. The SRC will be urgently reviewing and amended its constitution to lessen the risk of future debacles that occurred as a result Mx Pae’s Facebook comment.

Lastly, the SRC will be tabling this matter for discussion at Student Parliament in the hope that we may find an appropriate way to resolve this matter.

Ramabina Mahapa
SRC President

Office of the President
Steve Biko Students’ Union Building Upper Campus
University of Cape Town
Telephone: +27 21 650 5498
Email: [email protected]

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