Radio Tygerberg interview with Nadene Badenhorst on Christian Schools Case – 9 Sep 2014

by Daniela Ellerbeck
17 October 2014

Nadene Badenhorst (Legal Counsel of FOR SA) gives Anton Brink of Radio Tygerberg an update on the legal proceedings recently instituted by a secular group against six public schools in the Johannesburg High Court, for holding themselves out as “Christian schools”. At a meeting between FEDSAS and the school principals, it was decided that the schools will be defending the legal proceedings. The next step is now for the schools to prepare their answering affidavits in reply to the allegations made against them. It may take several months before the case is heard in the High Court. It is also very likely that the case, which has been described as a ‘landmark case’ for religious freedom, may end up in the Constitutional Court. Badenhorst encourages Christians and the Church in South Africa to pray for the schools and their legal representatives, and to contribute towards the legal costs of the matter so as to give them (and ultimately, the cause of Christianity) the best chance of success before our courts. She stresses the importance of signing up to FOR SA, allowing the organisation thereby to speak as one voice to government and society on issues affecting our religious freedom.


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