Radio Tygerberg interview with Nadene Badenhorst on Christian Schools Case – 4 Sep 2014

by Daniela Ellerbeck
17 October 2014

Nadene Badenhorst (Legal Counsel of FOR SA) speaks to Anton Brink of Radio Tygerberg about the legal proceedings recently instituted by a secular group against six public schools in the Johannesburg High Court, for holding themselves out as “Christian schools”. She explains the severe ramifications that this case could potentially have for freedom of religion and for the Gospel in South Africa. From FOR SA’s side, the organisation has offered its assistance to the schools in rallying the support of the Christian Church behind this cause; creating awareness about the matter; offering insight and perspective; and keeping the public informed about developments in the case. If necessary, FOR SA will also join the legal proceedings as Amicus Curiae (“Friend of the Court”). Badenhorst states that we need to be praying now more than ever before. Support can also be shown by sowing financially. Pastors and Christian leaders are encouraged to sign up to FOR SA, so that we may speak as one voice to government and to these issues. Finally, listeners are encouraged to follow FOR SA on Facebook at FreedomOfReligionSA.


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