Alternatives to the CRL’s proposed Regulation of Religion

In 2017, the CRL Rights Commission (CRL) published its report on the Commercialisation of Religion and Abuse of People’s Belief Systems, wherein it made various recommendations that effectively amounted to State regulation of religion.  Freedom of Religion South Africa (FOR SA) and other religious organisations and denominations representing over 15 million people of faith argued successfully before Parliament (COGTA) that the CRL’s proposed recommendations are unconstitutional, unnecessary and unworkable.  You can read more about the process to date in this “Brief Background Information” document or by watching this video.

It is now critically important that religious practitioners and organisations engage in the process to develop and support alternative solutions.  FOR SA has developed a document entitled Pro-forma submission of alternative solutions to CRLwhich we believe will bring about bring about greater levels of accountability without the need for any further legislation while at the same time ensuring that the religious community remains truly “self-regulatory”.  We also encourage, on a voluntary basis, the adoption and endorsement of a Code of Conduct for the religious community and voluntary accountability to religious networks and fraternals. 

These solutions are simply FOR SA’s best thinking on the five “lowest common denominators”. We believe that a combination of these alternative solutions will also help to identify where “problem areas” may exist so that existing laws can be enforced and/or education and training opportunities presented to remedy areas where there may be a lack of compliance. 

Please feel free to amend and modify the solutions contained in the pro forma submission as you see fit.

Take Action!

The voice and views of your organisation (and those you represent) are critical at this stage and should (ideally) be put on your organisation’s letterhead as a formal communication, with those represented listed in an appendix and quantified numerically.

In order to ensure that your voice is heard, is vitally important that the solutions you and/or the religious structures you represent develop and/or endorse, are: formally communicated to: 

COGTA Parliamentary Portfolio Committee Secretary
Attn: Shereen Cassiem

COGTA Ministry
PA To Minister: Ms Mandisa Mbele

Registry Clerk, Office of the Minister: Ms Ingrid Serithe

 Summit Secretariat Contact Details
Attn: Pastor Giet Khosa

Freedom of Religion South Africa (FOR SA)

CRL Report on Commercialisation & Regulation of Religion

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