Is Our Freedom of Religion Under Threat?

by Daniela Ellerbeck
7 April 2014

Andrew Selley, Founder and CEO of FOR SA, explains that FOR SA was birthed out of a growing concern about the government’s increased interference in religious freedom and the autonomy of the church to govern her own affairs. While churches may disagree with each other on the interpretation of certain Scriptures, we can agree on this: it is not for the government to define the Bible and dictate morality for us. Selley warns that the current attack on religious freedom affects every one of us – our workplace, our family and church life. Christians need to rise up and stand together as our freedoms are about to be lost, and Christians who believe, teach and live their lives according to the Bible may well find themselves on the wrong side of the law. Selley urges pastors around South Africa to contact FOR SA, who will with their support be able to speak as a strong and united voice to government on issues affecting our religious freedom.