Interview on Current & Expected Challenges in 2016

by Daniela Ellerbeck
17 February 2016

Description:  In this interview, Gareth Burley of Kingfisher FM speaks to Adv Nadene Badenhorst (Legal Counsel, FOR SA) regarding some of the challenges for religious freedom in 2016. She shares about some of the cases that FOR SA has been involved in in recent months (including the victory for religious freedom and the autonomy of the Church in Ecclesia De Lange), as well as some of the current and upcoming issues (including OGOD v six public schools, and the CRL Commission’s investigation into the “commercialization” of religion). The following pieces of legislation are expected to come before Parliament:  amendments to the Children’s Act that will ban spanking in the home; as well as the new hate crimes legislation including a broader definition of “hate speech”.  Finally, she encourages churches to join FOR SA (at no cost), and to stand together to protect our freedom to believe, preach and teach, and live our lives according to the Word of God. In particular also, she encourages Christians to partner with FOR SA, by making a donation towards the work of the organisation. FOR SA’s hope is to appoint another full-time lawyer, who will be able to carry the fast increasing case load.