Freedom of Religion South Africa (FOR SA) is delighted to announce that Pastor Barry Isaacs has accepted our invitation to join the Leadership Team of FOR SA.  This team plays a crucial role in guiding and advising FOR SA when we consider the merits of any case, policy or legislation that has the potential to erode our constitutional right to enjoy freedom of religion.  Only after the Leadership Team has unanimously agreed that we need to intervene in a matter, do we then inform everyone who has “joined” FOR SA of the issues involved and the reasons why we believe that we need to become involved.

Pastor Barry brings a wealth of wisdom and experience to the team, having been an ordained Christian minister for over 40 years.  He is known as a “father in the City” and he enjoys a peerless reputation as a man of high personal integrity who is able to relate to (and create trust relationships with) people from all walks of life, ethnicity and cultural diversity.  As a result, he has been involved in numerous initiatives over the years.
Pastor Barry serves as a director for Threecord Family Development Services, as an Exco Board Member for the Consultation of Christian Churches (CCC) and as Chairman of Jericho Walls (International Prayer Movement) and SAFFI (South African Family & Faith Institute).  He is passionate about changing our communities, especially as it relates to family issues so that transformation can take place that will benefit the home, community and our nation.