FOR SA Roadshow May 2019 – Part 2

by Daniela Ellerbeck
21 June 2019

The FOR SA Roadshow took place in numerous cities across the country during May and June 2019.  It focused on the important, current cultural and legal threats to religious freedom – particularly to say what it is we believe and to live out our beliefs.

The Roadshow was presented by those at the forefront of defending our rights and freedoms in this area and aims to inform and equip people on how best to engage with these issues and to protect themselves, their religious organisations, businesses, schools etc. against these threats. 

Part 2 is delivered by FOR SA’s Executive Director, Mr Michael Swain, and covers the issue of the CRL Rights Commission’s proposed regulation of religion. Mr Swain highlights the problems with the CRL’s proposals and instead proposes certain alternatives that would prove more effective and constitutional.

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