Current Concerns for Religious Freedom in SA

by Daniela Ellerbeck
4 August 2015

Andrew SelleyIn this 15 minute interview, Andrew Selley (Founder & CEO of FOR SA) speaks to Gareth Burley of Kingfisher FM about the escalating threat to religious freedom in South Africa. Andrew explains how he got involved in religious freedom issues, and why he felt led to start Freedom of Religion South Africa.




He mentions some of the cases that FOR SA has been involved in, and some of the important cases that are pending before government commissions and SA court at the moment. Andrew appeals to Christians and the church in South Africa to rally behind FOR SA. While we may disagree with each other on issues of doctrine, we can agree on this:  it is not for the government to tell us what we may and may not believe, or how we should interpret our Bible.

Join millions of other Christians around South Africa who are already part of FOR SA, by signing up on the FOR SA website. Also follow FOR SA on Facebook @Freedom of Religion SA.


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