Current Concerns for Religious Freedom in SA (2)

by Daniela Ellerbeck
14 August 2015

nadene-badenhorstIn this 15-minute interview, Nadene Badenhorst (Legal Counsel, FOR SA) speaks to Gareth Burley of Kingfisher FM about the escalating threat to religious freedom in South Africa. Nadene explains how she got involved in religious freedom issues, and why there is a need for an organisation such as FOR SA.




Nadene mentions some of the policies and laws that are coming through Parliament and that threaten religious freedom, as well as some of the important cases that are pending before government commissions and courts.  She explains that while religious freedom is protected in the Constitution, the problem lies in the way which religious rights are balanced against other constitutional rights (e.g. sexual orientation rights). Nadene explains how churches, Christian ministries, schools, businesses etc can best protect themselves from leftist attacks, and why it is important for Christians in SA to stand united on issues of religious freedom.

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