In the USA, UK and Europe, religious persecution is fast becoming a reality as Christians increasingly find themselves on the wrong side of the law. Their ‘crime’? Speaking, and/or obeying, the Word of God.

Below are examples of recent cases:

Christian pastors are arrested for “hate speech” (read more), and in other cases forced to conduct gay “marriages” (read more). Christian bakers (read more), florists (read more), photographers (read more), daycare centres (read more) are fined “unfair discrimination” towards LGBTI people.  Christian employees are hauled over the coals for witnessing to their (consenting) colleagues (read more). In other cases, Christian employees are fired for their beliefs (read more), or court-martialed for displaying Scriptures on their work computers (read more). Parents are accused of “indoctrinating” their children with religion and as a result, having their children removed from them and placed in foster care (read more) . Creationism teaching is banned from schools (read more). The list goes on and on.


This month, all eyes will be on the US Supreme Court as it decides whether same-sex “marriage” should be legal across all US states – a historic decision that could have serious implications for free exercise of moral and religious conscience. Against this background, a group of prominent Christian leaders (including former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee; former US Senator Rick Santorum; National Religious Broadcasters president Jerry Johnson; Pastor John Hagee; Franklin Graham, president and CEO of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and Samaritan’s Purse; and James Dobson, founder of Family Talk Radio) handed the Court a “Pledge in Solidarity of Defending Marriage”. The Pledge sends out a clear warning to the Court not to cross the line on the issue of marriage, failing which Christians will have no choice but to disobey the law in order to obey their moral conscience. (See article here).

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Christians are Severely Persecuted in 1 out of 3 Countries

In a recent address to the United Nations, Rabbi Jonathan Cahn (a Messianic Jew) reminded world leaders of the horrific persecution of Jewish people in Nazi Germany resulting in the murder of 6 million men, women and children.  Boldly, he stated:  “And now … another crime is taking place … Again, it involves a satanic evil of hatred, violence and sadistic cruelty. And again it involves an innocent people marked for destruction – the followers of Jesus, known throughout the world as ‘Christians, those who are taught, when struck, to turn the other cheek; when cursed, to bless; and when persecuted, to forgive those who oppress them. These constitute, by far, the most persecuted religious group on the earth, oppressed, afflicted, hunted down and killed – men, women and children – the sacrificial lambs of the modern world ...”  (To watch Cahn’s prophetic plea to the UN, click here).

In 1 out of 3 countries around the world today, Christians are persecuted in the worst way. In parts of Africa, as well as the Middle and Far East, men, women and children are beaten, imprisoned, sent to labour camps, tortured, raped and killed for the ‘crime’ of believing in Jesus Christ. For more information about the countries where Christians suffer severe persecution, see the Open Doors website.