Christian Media and Freedom of Religion

by Daniela Ellerbeck
11 September 2015

In this 30-minute interview, Andre Viljoen (Editor of Gateway News, an online Christian news service) speaks to Gareth Burley of Kingfisher FM about the importance of Christian media, and about Gateway News’s partnership with and support of Freedom of Religion South Africa (FOR SA).

Andre shares how he got involved in Christian media, and how important it is to have a Christian voice in media. He explains that Christian news stories are often not covered by secular media, or that facts are twisted. Gateway News’ objective is to report on Christian news truthfully, and to draw on experts who themselves are Christians (e.g. Christian lawyers) to interpret news events for readers. He explains the importance of organisations such as FOR SA to speak on behalf of the Church in SA for e.g. in the case of Ecclesia de Lange v Methodist Church of South Africa which is currently before the Constitutional Court (and in which FOR SA applied to be a Friend of the Court).

Andre says that he has been encouraged to see an increasing unity amongst Christian readers as they see the bigger picture: that, as the Church in SA, we need to stand together to protect religious freedom and the autonomy of the Church, irrespective of our doctrinal differences.


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