Cheryllyn Dudley MP Speaks On Religious Freedom and FOR SA:

by Daniela Ellerbeck
11 September 2015

In this 15-minute interview, Cheryllyn Dudley (Member of Parliament for the ACDP) speaks to Gareth Burley of Kingfisher FM about the current threat to religious freedom and Judeo-Christian values in South Africa.

Dudley explains that South Africa is NOT declared a secular state in our Constitution, and the importance of that for religious freedom. She also emphasises the need for the Church and for Christians to be involved in politics, and explains how Christians can make (and have made) a difference in government.

Dudley warns against regulators interfering unnecessarily in matters of religious freedom, and says that the ACDP is committed to helping people understand the importance of religious freedom and living side by side peacefully.


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