Barry Isaacs

Leadership Team of FOR SA

Pastor Barry Isaacs is an Ordained Christian Minster with over 40 years in experience in full time Christian ministry.  For many years, he has played an ecumenical role and is well known and respected for his work in the communities of Cape Town.  He has been successful in bringing unity and commonality of purpose across denomination lines.

As a result of his reputation for high personal integrity, Pastor Barry often plays the role of mediator in resolving issues and finding strategic solutions, using a persistent and flexible approach to ensure the mutually beneficial achievement of collective goals within organizations.  He is passionate about changing our communities, especially as it relates to family issues where the transformation that can take place will benefit the home, community and ultimately our Nation.

In addition to his role in FOR SA, Pastor Barry serves on the Boards of several such organisations, including Threecord Family Development Services, Transformation Africa (Western Cape) and Consultation of Christian Churches (CCC).  He is also the Chairman of Jericho Walls (an international prayer movement) and SAFFI (South African Family & Faith Institute).

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