Statement by FOR SA in re: Zizipho Pae

8 August 2015 UCT SAYS SRC’s DECISION “INVALID” On 2 August 2015, Zizipho Pae received a letter from the UCT Vice-Chancellor, advising that the SRC’s decision to expel her has been found “invalid” and that she should be allowed to remain an elected member of the...

Newsflash: Zizipho Pae

In today’s news (Tuesday, 28 July), the UCT Vice-Chancellor issues an encouraging official statement on developments around Zizi’s Facebook Posting. Read it here.  

Zizipho Pae’s Press Statement – 24 July 2015

Through reports in the newspaper and on social media this week, it has come to my attention that I was expelled from the UCT SRC at a SRC meeting on Tuesday, 21 July. After consulting with my legal representatives this week, I have now informed the Vice-Chancellor of UCT that I do not accept the decision arising from what was undoubtedly an irregular meeting.

Breaking News in the Zizipho Pae Story

Zizipho Pae, the UCT student who recently posted on her Facebook page that “we are institutionalizing and normalizing sin! May God have mercy on us …”,  has been ‘expelled’ from the SRC following an irregular SRC meeting on Tuesday, 22 July 2015. Below is the...